About Mind Wellness

Mind Wellness is a business specializing in Guided Meditation, Mindfulness, Coaching, NLP, Strategic Psychotherapy and Clinical Hypnotherapy. We provide private sessions’ and workshops custom designed for individuals as well as corporates, Day Spa’s, Salons, Retreats and Resorts wishing to add wellness value to their guests’ or employees’ experience. Our integrative style and approach is focused to de-stress, and educate our clients on how to embrace their lives to the fullest, in a relaxed, happy, healthy, and balanced way.


Principal of Mind Wellness, a Guided Meditation / Strategic Psychotherapy / Clinical Hypnosis and NLP practice; former Contributing Editor of Wellness & Health Spa Features, Intermedia Publications Pty Ltd.; former Owner-Director of Cogum Enterprises Pty Ltd, a Hotel/Resort Spa Consultancy Company, Spa Fision Pty Ltd and Zen Day Spa Pty Ltd.

Deborah brings her education and a lifetime of experience over multiple disciplines to her company, Mind Wellness. She focuses on you, her clients and the specific goals and objectives you wish to achieve. With your total mind and body wellness as a priority, Deborah will guide and assist you to attain a successful and achievable outcome, whatever personal or professional problems you wish to solve. She has studied and attended seminars with some of the most renowned leaders in the field of Psychotherapy, Mindfulness, Meditation, Neuro Linguistic Programming and Coaching, such as; Dr’s. Ernest and Kathryn Rossi, Dr. Jeffrey Zeig, Dr. Ilana Oren, Dr. Michael Yapko, Dr. Maggie Phillips, Dr. Steven Frankel, Dr’s. Alexander and Annellen Simpkins, Dr. Stephen Gilligan, Dr. Jeffrey Feldman, Dr. Deepak Chopra, Dr. Mosche Feldenkrais, Dr. Pamela Peeke, Dr. Rob McNeilly, Bill O'Hanlon, Gordon Young and David Potter (MBSR) to name only some.

Whether it be a workshop, lecture demonstration environment or a private session, Deborah is present and listening to you, her client.  She is highly skilled and professional in her approach and focuses on helping you overcome any obstacles that might be interfering with your complete enjoyment, happiness and fulfillment in life.

As a member of MA, AHA and ISPA associations and supporter of The Milton H. Erickson Foundation, Deborah participates and regularly attends continuing education courses, lectures and conferences.  She is an avid reader/researcher and keeps up to date on the latest clinical findings in the fields of mental health, Neuro-Psychology, Epi-Genetics, Nutrition, Sociology, Meditation and Mindfulness.

With a previous career focus in communications, business-to-business marketing and performance improvement coupled with theatre and performing arts, choreography, writing, film and video production; Deborah has combined all of her education, experience, skills and interests to arrive full circle into the Wellness Spa, Psychotherapy, and Mental Health categories.

 She has consulted world wide to top brand hoteliers and resorts on Spa design, development, marketing and operations, launching some of the largest Branded Hotel Wellness facilities in Asia Pacific and Europe. Deborah has also operated and owned Day Spa’s for over 20 years.  She has previously held positions with large multi-nationals, international agencies, businesses and corporations in marketing, strategic planning, branding and new business development, to name only a few.

Deborah’s expertise in the health and wellness sciences, Psychotherapy and creative disciplines, along with her hands-on Wellness Spa operations and corporate experience is a proven asset as she goes forward.

She holds a Cum Laude, B.A. and M.A. degree from The University of San Francisco, USA; a Government Accredited Diploma in Strategic Psychotherapy & Clinical Hypnosis and a Certificate in NLP and Coaching.  She also holds post-graduate Certificates from The International Dermal Institute in Skincare, Spa Body Therapy and Spa Business Development.  She’s had the honor of studying under the late, Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais in The Feldenkrais Technique, and has studied Postural Integration, and The Alexander Technique. She has worked half of her life in the USA and the second half in Australia and in multiple countries and cities around the world.




Deborah Mangum-Copelli, Member of Meditation Association of Australia




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