Mind Wellness Testimonials

Abandon Addiction

It’s been a long uphill road to recovery once I admitted to myself, and others that I had this obsession with alcohol and substances. But with Mind Wellness and Deborah’s 3 sessions of guided meditation and coaching to help me, I’m using the tools and skills I’ve learned and now I have the ability to see my future with hope.


Build Confidence

Deborah has helped me tremendously. The sessions with her very quickly reduced my general stress levels, and I feel much more self-confident and trusting of life. She is extremely intuitive and caring and was able to tailor the sessions specifically for me as an individual- the results are very tangible!

Shanda, Burbank CA, USA

Dissipate Pain

I was having Knee Pain and restricted mobility and Deborah offered an, "over the phone" Hypnotherapy session with me. When we started she asked me to number my pain and I said it was about a 4, and after the session when she asked again I said it was a minus 2. I'm not sure why it went below 0, but that was my honest response; perhaps it was because of the technique she used in the session. I did get pain relief for quite some time and would like to do more sessions with Deborah and Mind Wellness.

Ann, Silver Spring, MD, USA

I had a Hypnotherapy session with Deborah for help with the pain I was experiencing in my back. The session was very relaxing; I might have even fallen asleep for a while but I remember enjoying the process and feeling very relaxed and refreshed afterwards. She made a recording of the session for me so that I can play it several times a week to reinforce the message of pain control and relief. I must get back to that recording and listen more regularly as I know it does work better and for longer when I listen to the recording.

Al, Pinehurst NC, USA

After struggling with abdominal pain for many years I sought out Hypnotherapy for help. Deborah took me on a relaxing journey through trance to help me diminish my pain and symptoms. She recorded an audio for me to listen to as my homework as I know it takes practice in self-hypnosis as well to get the very best results for pain management. I liked my first session with Deborah, and look forward to having more again.

Susan, Pembroke NC, USA

Get Motivated

Thank you so much for yesterday's session, it was delightful. I woke up feeling inspired and powerful! Answers to questions arrived on my bike ride, yeah! Thank you thank you. Much love and gratitude.

Raewyn, Darlinghurst NSW

Quit Bad Habits

I wanted to stop eating junk food snacks after school and choose healthy things instead, so my mum asked Deborah to do Hypnotherapy with me. Right after and still now, 10 months later, I really like hummus, olives, sushi, Pink Lady apples, carrots and other snacks that are good for me. And I’m always trying to improve my skin so my healthier diet is helping that too.

14 year old, Perth WA

Achieve Success

Deborah's guided visualization session was excellent, helping me to confirm my direction and clearly identify my goals. I left the session feeling uplifted and purposeful with a heightened sense of wellbeing and confidence.

Jane, St Leonards NSW


After making a life changing decision for my family to move cross country for work, I was feeling totally overwhelmed and too stressed to effectively manage the kids and our move across country and keep the kids school and sports lives continuing as normal. After one session of hypnotherapy, it helped me regain my inner strength and focus to manage the move, start a new job, start kids at new schools on my own. The hypnotherapy was like a deep calming breath that allowed me to work through a fairly daunting task and manage the transition to another city, as well as I could possibly hope.

Dawn, Perth WA

Eliminate Fears

I had a Flying Phobia but after 3 sessions with Deborah, I was able to look forward to my international flight to India, get onto the plane calmly and actually enjoy my glass of bubbly and movies. My usual pre-flight jitters were no longer present and I don’t recall if we experienced any turbulence or not through the flight, as I was not fearful, just completely relaxed.

Paddy, Sydney NSW

I found Deborah’s approach to therapy very calming, and helpful in helping me combat my public speaking problem that I approached her to deal with. The hypnotherapy aspect helped me to take back control of the uncooperative aspects of my subconscious, which I was struggling with. She was trustworthy and I felt safe and calm answering all of her questions. Thanks Deborah for your help!

Yasmin, Sydney NSW


Thank you Deborah for conducting your meaningful workshop last night; I am sure we all learnt something about ourselves – I certainly did!

Joy, Balmain NSW

Participating in the Mind Body Workshop with Deborah was uplifting and refreshing.  It came at a perfect time for me.  With an important meeting the following day, the 'small change' I needed was a reminder of 'always come from a point of self belief and love'. My meeting was a huge success!  Thank you Deborah.

Raewyn, Darlinghurst NSW

Thank you for organizing the mind wellness workshop. The mind is a powerful tool!  Thank you for the opportunity to understand the power of suggestion and for the meditation techniques.  I felt so relaxed and my mind feels clear! Thanks Deborah!

KR, Denistone East NSW

The Mind Wellness workshops offered a balance of self-awareness and a haven of calm contemplation. The facilitator, Deborah, provided a series of exercises where the mind was given time and space to explore. This led into a phase of quiet meditative reflection. I was lulled into a calm place. It was wonderful.

Karen, Balmain NSW

I participated in 2 Group workshops with Deborah; each one a unique experience. It was my first introduction to Guided Meditation and I really enjoyed the visual and spiritual journey. I was dealing with some abdominal discomfort at the time and I remember feeling much lighter and energetic after the session. My discomfort was resolved and I look forward to more sessions in the future.

Sue, Golden CO, USA

Deborah’s workshop was fun and relaxing; I enjoyed all of the partner exercises we did first. I was surprised at how well I felt after this meditation experience as a group. I’ve had Hypnotherapy before to Quit Smoking and that worked in one session and now I just want to be more in control of my over thinking before I go to sleep.

John, Sydney NSW




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