Daydream for a Moment

Mind Wellness, Connectedness
8 June 2016

Daydream for a Moment

I invite you to daydream for a moment on one place or scene that makes you feel safe and secure, calm, happy and fulfilled. It can be somewhere from your past, or you can just make it up in your mind and allow yourself a few minutes to go there. You can even use my lilly pond photo above while focusing your attention on being in there at this moment.

Whilst your there, or in that wonderful place you’ve created then see yourself enjoying the moment and notice if you can hear the sounds around you, touch and feel whatever is in the environment, breathe and smell your beautiful surroundings, notice the scent, even be aware of how your skin feels see page. Just give yourself a break from whatever it is you are doing at this moment, or some time during the day or evenings and go to that special place in your mind for a few minutes, where you find comfort, calm and peace.

Practice this at least once a day and know that you are learning the healthy art of self-soothing allowing any stress or tension to just melt away. Any time that you can devote to any type of meditation allows you to focus more and feel calmer and in control; making this a healthy habit with longterm benefits for your body, mind and spirit.